TAFFIO® a brand or Real Media Shop Germany

Real Media Shop is all about providing an enjoyable car experience. Knowing how boring, stressful and exhausting driving around can be for both the driver at the steering wheel and passengers. Our product ranges from infotainment, navigation, smartphone integration, dual view display and many others.

We at Real Media shop are poised at providing excitement, fun and an all-round car user experience.  An understanding of the integral role of entertainment, communication and information to the driving experience is what guides our product selection. The needs of the driver while at the steering wheel deserves to be a priority as it enhances safety and convenience. 


TAFFIO is a brand of Real Media Shop Germany. The cornerstone of our product portfolio is head units, in-car entertainment, assistance systems and infotainment technology. Our product line is completed with a variety of car accessories and gadgets. TAFFIO provides gear for most car manufacturers and a huge number of different models.

Real Media Shop was established in 2008. Starting as a small online shop, it quickly became one of the biggest suppliers of in-car navigation and infotainment systems in Europe. For over 8years, Real Media Shop has been on a mission to make driving and traveling in a car a more pleasant experience.

The goal is to provide a safe, smart and entertaining environment for drivers and passengers alike. To achieve this, Real Media Shop always offers the most innovative technology paired with superior customer service. The expertise and experience gained as Real Media Shop is now funneled into the development of TAFFIO products.

The experts at Real Media Shop focus on combining cutting-edge technology with approachable design for the TAFFIO brand. Therefore, TAFFIO products feature a well-balanced usability and a great compatibility. Countless interviews and in-depth research helped us to tail or our products and service exactly to the needs of our customers.

Thus, we have full confidence that our solutions are among the best you can find on the market. On top of that, TAFFIO products are marketed at a competitive price level that makes them available to almost everyone.

At Real Media Shop, we have an in-depth need for interaction between the driver and the vehicle. This knowledge has fuelled our passion aimed at delivering cutting-edge technologies tailored to the need of the modern driver. Our experts are well acquainted with what it takes to reduce driver’s distraction with the provision of gadgets that possess user-centric interface. Our philosophy at Real Media Shop is that there should be no limit to how a car multimedia can be configured. We aim to bring to every car owner, a multi-media experience that goes beyond the interior of the car but the way the car is driven, parked and monitored. 

We stock a wide range of products that fit into every vehicle and can be used by every category of drivers. This is not limited to certain brands, but every car brand and configuration. At Real media shop, providing a state-of-the-art experience for the driver on a long trip or for a drive with your loved one has always been our top priority. Gone are the days when car multimedia and navigation devices are limited to high-end cars. For every budget and taste, there’s always that will make you love your car.