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Car LCD Monitors

It’s time to take your car entertainment to the next level with LCD monitors that comes in different sizes. Never will your kids grumble about how boring a road trip is with quality monitors that give them the home away from home experience. Whether you want a small or large screen monitor, we have them at Real Media Shop.

Stand-alone, Overhead flip and Rear view mirror Monitors

We stock different types of car monitors such as the headrest, overhead flip down, stand-alone, rear view mirror monitors and many more. Aside from the level of entertainment it provides for your passengers, you as a driver will be fully aware of what’s coming or going behind your car.

Car Monitirs with USB, DVD, SD slot and camera connecting function

Real Media shop provides you with car monitors of different sizes and top-notch quality with DVD, USB and SD slot and also a camera connecting function. With car monitors, you are providing yourself with safety and comfort best suited for the driver and passengers.