Head Unit & Navigation

Android Navigation Devices and Car Stereos

You have always wanted to be in control of your car while on the road, now you can make it happen with the latest navigation devices and car stereos. No need to distract yourself with your smartphone GPS apps. With a state of the art navigation system in place, you become a road warrior who needs not to ask for the next turn.

Car Navigation stereos with DVD GPS

With a car Android GPS System placed in your car, you can receive real-time traffic information such as traffic jam, average speed, and road closure. You are also able to update the maps with every new update. In short, you are in control of your own car.

Car Navigation System with Bluetooth, USB connectivity

A car radio in your car will accompany you on every trip without any feeling of boredom or loneliness. You have your favorite music and radio stations within your reach. Navigation devices are built to also function as car stereos with Bluetooth connectivity, Satellite Radio reception, and USB connectivity. At Real Media Shop we have Car Head units suitable for Brands such as Audi, Mercedes, VW, Seat and many more.

Exact-fit replacement Car Navigation System

Original Style Car Navigation stereos with DVD GPS and built in bluetooth handsfree technology. Exact-fit replacement, No adapters or wiring harnesses modification required

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